Document Storage and Distribution Software

In the not-so-distant past, storing or sharing documents required a significant amount of coordination and a lot of paper. To keep up with the work of document storage couriers, filing clerks, and fax machines were all frequently used. The environmental impact of all this paper is immense, especially when you consider the amount of trees that had to be cut down.

Document storage and distribution software adds efficiency and productivity to the workplace, eliminating many of the manual processes involved in storing and distributing documents and files. It consolidates documents and enables users to search for and access the most recent version. This helps save time in the workplace and helps businesses comply with regulatory standards.

The best document management software offers an array of sophisticated tools to improve collaboration and improve workflows. Look for secure file storage, offline access with automatic document synchronization once back online, and team folders that allow granular permission controls for various stakeholders. Search for a reliable search engine that can provide relevant results quickly.

Some of the leading document management software solutions include FileHold, DocuWare, and Q-Pulse. These services are available in cloud or on-premise installation and include a range of features that can streamline document storage and distribution. FileHold is one example. It provides a central repository that is secure and protected with robust search capabilities and document workflows that allow you to review and decide on documents. It also has the white-labeled client portal with automated document routing and amazing version control, making sure that your customers and colleagues are able to access the most current versions of your files.

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